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Legislation on copying the Dutch passport

On the advice of the Dutch government the following items have been covered:

  • Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • Part of the passport photo;
  • The second passport photo.

Only employers, government institutions, banks, notaries, casinos, and life insurers are authorized to make a full copy of an identity document.

Other organizations like hotels, schools, and caregivers do not have the legal right to see the citizen service number, nor the full passport photo.

Use of the Privacy Passport Sleeve

The passport is currently in a Privacy Passport Sleeve where it is supposed to remain. With the passport in the Sleeve you can make copies of the passport, while protecting the personal data of the passport holder. 

Do not take the passport out of the Privacy Passport Sleeve. If you need any of the covered information on the passport, please discuss this with the passport holder first.

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